We are GripAble!

GripAble is a tech company from Imperial College London that seeks to make training of hand and arm function a more enjoyable and accessible experience. Recognising a significant gap in current digital solutions, our team is building an engaging and affordable mobile system that can be used from hospital gyms to the comfort of your sofa at home.


Be Patient - We are committed to social impact and strive to engage with the people and communities we aim to help. This requires patience, to work closely with patients, to put yourself in their shoes and truly understand the problems they face in daily life.

Leadership - Leadership means bossing it, but not being a boss. We believe the key values of leadership: Respect; Integrity; Courage; Communication; Hard Work and Humility, need to be shown by everyone in the team. As a growing start-up everyone needs to take responsibility, be proud of their work, hit targets and deliver.

Re-educate - We never stop learning. Building a culture that values continuing education means we grow as the company grows, bringing better results to the people we hope to help. We also look to continue this education outside of the company, by supporting patients or whole healthcare systems with our own knowledge.



Dr Paul Rinne

CEO and Co-founder
Clinical Neuroscientist

Dr Michael Mace

CTO and Co-founder
Rehabilitation Engineer



Prof Etienne Burdet

Chief Scientific Officer
Human Robotics Expert

Dr Paul

Chief Medical Officer
Consultant Neurologist

Ms Nicola Goldsmith

Clinical Adviser
President Elect IFSHT